Prediction of Post-translational Modificaitons


PostMod is a predict sever for phosphorylation sites. We develope new predict system soley sequence based approch. We combined physicochemical information ,motif information, and evolutionary information by simply comaparing sequence similarities. Taken together all those features we applied a novel algorithm, indirect relationship based noise-reducing system. This approch is powerful and intuitive to recognize phosphorylation sites. Moreover, our method can be generally applicable to predict other types of PTMs


  • Predict phosphorylation sites for 48 different kinases
  • Provide confidence socre

Reference data

  • The predictor is constructed based on phospho.ELM database


  • Inkyung Jung, Akihisa Matsuyama, Minoru Yoshida, and Dongsup Kim. (2010) PostMod: Sequence-based prediction of phosphorylation sites by considering indirect relationships, BMC bioinformatics

Program Distribution

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